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Greenery has the ability to make any vignette come to life.  

We use greenery in almost every room we style, and whether or not you consider yourself to have a green thumb, there are so many ways to incorporate greenery and make it work for your home and lifestyle.  

While there are no “rules” when it comes to how to style greenery, we like to approach adding greenery in a way that enhances but doesn’t take away from the home’s design. Focusing on a few plants per space helps draw the eye in without taking away from a beautiful furniture piece or architectural element.  

If you’re looking for ideas on how to style greenery in your home, keep scrolling to see room-by-room inspiration! 

No. 1: Greenery in the entryway 

The entryway is a great place to introduce greenery as a styling element in your home. If you have a console table, try using a plant or large sculptural branches to add in some life or reflect the changing seasons!

A potted tree can also be a great way to fill in negative space and add height and structure to your entryway look.

From our McGee & Co. 2022 Spring Collection

No. 2: Greenery in the great room 

In the great room, we like to focus on bringing greenery in to enhance the styling of built-ins or adding height through a tree. Since the great room is often where some of our favorite design elements and pieces live, we take an approach of sprinkling greenery here and there to draw the eye in.

From our Beckham Project

Ideas for Styling Greenery Throughout the Home

From our Pine Brook Home

Ideas for Styling Greenery Throughout the Home

From our Rye NY Project


No. 3: Greenery in the kitchen + dining room  

The key to making greenery feel at home in the kitchen is to think about what might naturally live there. We love using mini olive trees or herb plants here as they typically blend into the space better than other types of house plants.

In the dining room, large potted trees can go a long way in bringing life and height to the space, making it feel cozier and connected to nature.

From our McGee & Co. 2022 Spring Collection

No. 4: Greenery in bedroom spaces 

We love using plants or florals on nightstands or dressers in the bedroom. Where we have enough space, incorporating a tree in a corner reading nook can complete the look like nothing else!

Bonus tip: When picking out greenery for a home, we like to consider what is native to the project’s surroundings. Plants native to your area will naturally blend into your surroundings and views, and they will have a better chance of thriving in their climate, too! 

From our Mountainside Retreat Project

No. 5: Greenery in office spaces 

Live greenery is said to increase productivity, so adding plants or florals to office spaces is always a good idea. Greenery also has the ability to soak up a lot of visual noise that cords and other office supplies often bring.

Ideas for Styling Greenery Throughout the Home

From our Rye NY Project

Ideas for Styling Greenery Throughout the Home

From our previous Studio McGee office

From our McGee & Co. 2021 Fall Collection

No. 6: Greenery in utility spaces 

In rooms like laundry rooms and mudrooms where styling can feel puzzling, greenery can go a long way in softening them and bringing them to life. If your laundry room or mudroom feels like it needs a little something, try styling a plant next to your sink or a mini tree on the floor to fill in a blank space!

From our PC Contemporary Project

Ideas for Styling Greenery Throughout the Home

From The McGee Home

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